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Course name About the course Book
10 Days continuous session 10 days crash course is periodically for those who dedicatedly want to learn the yogic and Pranayam techniques for healthy living Book
20 session twice a week Two times a week is a regular course for all the people. There is is a choice to choose the timing in forenoon or afternoon. Book
Monthly membership Monthly membership is available for students and local residents for learning a healthy living. Book
Yearly membership Annual membership is given to selected people who want to live a healthy life without taking any kind of medicines. They have to come regularly for Pranayam and microyogas in the center. Book
Family membership The family of 2- 4 people are given discounted yearly memberships. The practice of pranayama, yoga, Naturopathy and diet schedules are given for healthy life. Book
Students membership Students are given intensive training. After successful completion of the courses, they are given intership of six months period. Book
For computer professionals The health issues and working hours of computer professionals are different than common people. The special membership is given such professionals. Book

Courses for Health Issues

The bookings for below mentioned courses must be made through Whatsapp +32494902710

Courses for Diabatics and blood pressure
Courses for Asthematics
Courses for cervical
Courses for obesity
Courses for Shoulder Frozen
Courses for Backpain
Courses for Knee Pain
Courses for Anxiety
Courses for Nervous System
Courses for Sleeping Problems
Courses for Artheritis
Courses for Lungs and Kidney Problems
Courses for Digestion
Courses for Acidity and Gastric