How RAJ Yoga and Pranayam Center can change your life

How Raj2nature can change the life of people


Who wish to live long a happy, healthy and cheerful life.

people who have Stress, anxiety,hypertension and sleeplessness etc.

Professionals and Students who care for fitness.

People having chronic health problems like Lever, lungs, kidney and Heart issues,arthritis, asthmatic, blood pressure etc.

Those Senior citizens who want to live with quality natural living with least medicines.

People who suffer due to Sinus, Throats, Tinitus etc.

who have obesity, acidity, gastric,Digestations etc.

Syatika, Back and shoulders problems.

Women who want to have fitness.

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Raj Yoga and Pranayama Center is a place for all kinds of people who wants to live happy, helathy, joyful and stressfree life .People with health issues related to their nervous system, anxiety, mental health, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, cervical, arthritis, digestion , tinnitus, insomnia, migraine, acidity and gastric, asthmatic, sinus, thyroid, fatty lever, heart, kidney and other chronic health issues. We do not believe in chemicals and allopathic medicines made with chemicals but work in a natural way by targeting the root causes of the health problems. Our clients are computer professionals , business people also doctors and nurses. We have clients from various parts of world including Japan, Europe and America. In recent decades the automation and computerization has brought drastic changes in the life style of common man and especially the computer professionals. On one hand it has made the life comfortable and convenient but on other hand it has become the serious reason of several kinds of mental and physical health problems. The software engineers in particular create all kinds of software to make the life of common man convenient. In order to achieve the objectives and goals of the software the computer engineers have to sit for several hours physically and have to give very high mental stress. This causes the serious health issues related to their nervous systems. These problems can not be cured by the conventional medical treatment. However, Pranayama and Yoga therapy have given very good results in order to cure such health issues. These are the techniques which helps to cure the health issues through micro exercises, oxygen intake through breathing therapy, modifying food habits in natural way. We give services through individual sessions and group sessions.